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Our team at Judicium Education deliver services that provide peace of mind for busy school leaders.

This Data Protection Officer (DPO) service assists schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) by offering expert advice, providing audit reports and policies and compliance assistance, and UK GDPR training for all employees.

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Experts in UK Data Protection Laws including UK GDPR

Providing expert advice and guidance when you need it

A designated consultant will advise your school or MAT,
and your employees about the obligations required to comply with the UK GDPR and other UK data protection laws. This will be done via phone, email, reports, information sheets and training.

Creating and maintaining data records

Assisting you to create and maintain comprehensive records of all the data processing activities carried out by the school or MAT, including the purpose of all activities, which must be made public upon request.

Drafting data policies and procedures

Assisting you to create and maintain policies and procedures to regulate your processing of personal data and set out how to interact with external bodies, regulatory authorities, data subjects and information seekers.

Providing training for employees

Training for your employees on compliance with UK
GDPR and other UK data protection laws. Training will
be given in two workshops and online with Judicium Education’s eLearning platform.

First point of contact with authorities

We will be the first point of contact for supervisory authorities and for individuals whose data is processed.

Managing enquiries under data protection and freedom of information laws 

We will manage the data collection process, as carried out by your employees under our direction, and draft the various correspondences with the data subjects and regulatory authorities.

Conducting an annual audit of your data processes

An annual audit to provide an assessment of whether your school or MAT is following good data protection practice. The audit will look at whether you are following your policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvements including any new guidance from the ICO.

JEDU Compliance Tracking Software

Get immediate access to Judicium Education’s compliance tracker, JEDU, allowing you to record all your data requests and breaches. Also, live-track your audit and compliance progress, access template documents and carry out data mapping all in one place. (See below)

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Access all your compliance documents using
our Education Compliance Dashboard.

Jedu is Judicium Education's online GDPR compliance tracking software for schools and Multi Academy Trusts.

A leading tool for school senior leaders.

UK GDPR compliance dashboard for school leaders

  • Monitor compliance levels and drill down into danger zones within each school
  • See which areas of non-compliance remain outstanding at any one time


  • number of data breaches including reportable breaches
  • number of subject access requests and monitor deadlines
  • number of freedom of information requests & monitor deadlines


* A mandatory role in state schools in England and Wales.

Judicium Education’s advice is robust, unequivocal and swift. They guarantee to respond to your query within 24 hours and always direct their approaches to the outcome you desire. This is in total contrast to the advice that we received from a previous provider."

Alan Chappell
School Business Director | Blue Coat CoE School


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