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The Neo team deliver both payroll and HR services to clients in a spirit of partnership. Time is taken to understand the values and strategic objectives of clients to ensure that all services are aligned to achieve outcomes within the ethos of the client’s organisation.

HR Related FAQs

There has been a serious incident at work which requires an employee’s actions to be investigated, should the employee be suspended while an investigation is carried out?

Suspension should not be an automatic action and should only be considered when there are no alternative options. The seriousness of the allegation, the risks in them remaining at work and the impact on the employee should be taken into account. Consider alternatives to suspension such as moving the employee to a different part of the organisation, stop doing part of their job or working from home. It is important to offer support to the employee if you do decide to suspend them and be clear that it is not an assumption of guilt. Check your organisation’s Disciplinary Policy for guidance relating to suspension. If you are unsure whether it is the right action, Neo People Management can provide advice.

An employee is experiencing personal family issues and is unable to come to work. What leave do they qualify for, and should they continue to be paid?

If the organisation has a Leave of Absence Policy (or similar) this should provide guidance and every employee is legally entitled to time off in certain circumstances, however each situation should be considered on its own merit and the organisation should consider a balance of compassionate support and how much absence you can reasonably allow. Check your policy for indication of whether the leave should be paid but often this is a discretionary matter, for example, you may offer one or two days of paid absence, and any further leave may be unpaid or covered by holiday (if appropriate). For guidance on individual cases, contact Neo People Management.

I am considering making redundancies, how do I know if I have a valid redundancy situation and where do I start?

For a redundancy to take place, you must be able to demonstrate that the employee’s job will no longer exist. This could be due to the business closing down (or moving location), changing what it does, or how it does it. Steps should be considered to avoid redundancies, for example, by redeploying staff, reducing hours or offering voluntary redundancies. If you need to proceed with a redundancy process, you will need to create a business case which identifies roles for redundancy, hold consultations with affected staff, manage the selection process (if applicable) and be prepared to manage any appeals. For professional support throughout, Neo People Management have a wealth of experience in handling a complex process with care and sensitivity. 

How can we raise menopause awareness in our Trust/school?

All employers have a responsibility to promote and support employee’s wellbeing. Menopause is impacting women’s health and wellbeing. Ensure that you have a menopause policy in place, organise training and educate line managers. Promote open talk about menopause. Neo People Management will help you to create a policy and discuss HR support to raise menopause awareness. 

Can we terminate an employee’s contract due to sickness while on their probation period?

Before you make any decisions, please check your policy. Discuss with the employee the reasons for absence, what adjustments you can offer and if there is a possibility to re-deploy to another role. Please contact Neo People Management to discuss every individual case. 

Our Business Manager who started 2 months ago has asked to reduce her hours. What should we do?

Discuss with the employee the reasons for the request. Provide flexible working policy. Pleased be aware that currently to be eligible to request flexible working hours the employee needs to be employed for 26 weeks. 2023 is going to bring a change to this legislation and employees will have the right to request flexible working from day one of their employment. Neo People Management will discuss with you every individual case and provide support during the process. 

Payroll Related FAQs

Does your outsourced payroll report to Pensions?

Yes, our standard service includes all required to report to both the TPS and LGPS authorities. This service includes all monthly transactional reporting and the production of relevant year end certificates.

Does the payroll and HR system report at MAT Level?

Absolutely, all reports are available to authorised users at the level to which their allocated role provides access. Trust level staff can see trust wide reporting as well as individual schools. School roles can see their own schools. Managers can see their own reports.

Can I run absence reports?

Definitely. Both sickness and non-sickness absence reports can be ran at any time by any authorised users. These reports are available at whole trust, individual school or reporting manager level as required. Reports can be ran to match the trust or MATs absence policy, with workflow deployed to proactively report when an employee is approaching, or has exceeded a policy trigger. 

Is there a portal for staff to view their payslips?

Yes. An online anytime anywhere portal is available to view their payslips, P60s and P45s where appropriate. Employees can update their own personal information in the portal with this updating the core employee record. Should the school or trust require employees to make claims for time, expense, holidays or leave of absence, the portal allows employees to submit a claim that can move to an authorised to approve. 

How do you make sure our payroll is accurate?

The Neo People Management payroll process provides a series of mid-month payroll reports to allow both the neo:pm team and the trust/school officers to check that the required change has been presented. In addition to these “Differences” from last month reports, the payroll runs each and every night providing administrators with a live view of an employees payslip and any changes made for this pay month. 

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