Adding extra value for schools and MATs

Adding extra value for schools and MATs

Changes to Hours and Basis authority workflows.

As our client MATS grew, a requirement emerged to provide a greater level of visibility and accountability of contractual change within schools.

Some clients wanted to improve the efficiency of the change process, while others looked to improve accountability and audit processes.

The iTrent platform used to deliver the Neo People Management service includes the option to add system actions to any change process.

For all of our school and academy trust clients this was deployed to include the automated production of employee letters, or contractual change notes.

For some clients, the change process includes pauses in the change process to check for either agreement, or authority, from relevant colleagues before the change is confirmed. This could be the headteacher or a central finance/HR officer.

While there is commonality to the outcome, each client has their own version of the change workflow to meet their specific requirements.

Other similar commonly deployed workflows include: starters, leavers, length of service, change to grade, sickness entitlement thresholds and sensitive absences.

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